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Czech robotic camp for all girls and boys interested in technology

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Who we are and what we do?

We are Robotárna, department of DDM Helceletova Brno (local youth center) and we are interested in electronics, programming, and mechanical designs. Shortly we are interested in everything needed for robotics.
We have organized the Robotic Camp many times, which is designed for young people from 12 years. The attendees build their own robotic toy or the whole robot every year and they can bring it home.

Robotic Camp 2021

On 2021's camp, our participants created several toys like electronical dice, or mechanical safe called BlackBox. Also, many of them improved their soldering skills with 4 levels of our custom SMD challenge. The biggest creation of this year was Logic, that was used to teach programming.
Guides and docs can be found here.

Robotic Camp 2020

This year, out attendees built and programmed Robotka, which they could later upgrade and customize with various sensors and upgrades. At the end of the camp, everybody could test out his robot in a competition.

Robotic camp 2019

In 2019 we prepared for all the children Robotic arm (in Czech), which every participant made. Last day we organized competitions, so that everyone can try his robot in different tasks.
Looking back at the last camp. (in Czech)

Robotic Camp 2018

In 2018, we built a robotic toy Míčkoflus.
Looking back at the camp 2018. (in Czech)

Robotic Camp 2017

Two years ago, the children brought from our camp Arduino Learning Kit Starter ALKS with powerful microcontroller ESP32. We programmed the ESP32 chip via the Arduino framework.
Looking back at the camp 2017. (in Czech)

Robotic Camp 2016

The attendees received Arduino Nano module in the Robotic Camp 2016. The children learned the basics of programming and electronics and then they used some libraries and modules for their own projects. They used, for example, temperature sensors and barometers for logging current atmospheric conditions. Other projects presented connected display or intelligent LED strips with amazing color effects.
Looking back at the camp 2016. (in Czech)


Our camp is continuously supported by our partners. We would not be able to organize the camp in its current form without them and we are eternally grateful to them.

Where you can find us

Sokolská 1, Brno 602 00, Czech Republic


+420 777 165 532